First I had to believe it.

Then, prepare and work for it.

I’m now doing it.

Martha «Soledad» Hernandez
Tech Entrepreneur at madeBOS
Partner at ESO Ventures
Singer and Songwriter
Best Selling Author
Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator

About Martha

Martha Hernández is the founder and CEO of madeBOS, Inc., a career pathing talent app. Martha made a bold move and quit her job as an Executive of Talent to invest all her time into madeBOS.com. Martha is an Oakland native and Chavinda, Michoacan.

Martha received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Spanish Literature from Occidental College. She later became a graduate of Mills College Institute for Civic Leadership Program, as well as Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. Most recently, Martha completed an AI Business Strategy certification from MIT.

Martha recently became a best selling author. Her book «I Have What it Takes» now at Target, Amazon and Barns & Noble is a combination of stories and principles aimed at igniting underrepresented and underresourced talent’s natural leadership. Martha is a boxing trainee and a talented singer and songwriter. Known as Martha Soledad, she released her first album «Prefiero Mandar en Falda» featuring her own corrido to inspire political action on gender equity and inclusion.


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